There are many e-juice flavors on the market, but you may not be interested in some of the most common ones. You might be more interested in unique e-juice flavors, and there is lot of great ones, you just need to look for them a bit deeper. you can find them all at ejuice farms. If you are looking for the best unique e-juice flavors, then you should try one of the following:

Hawk Sauce
Mt. Baker Vapor has a popular e-juice called Hawk Sauce, and it is unique. If you like e-juices that have a taste of mixed berries and grapes, as well as a bit of a menthol kick, then you will love Hawk Sauce. After you have tried this flavor, you will likely be left with an aftertaste that can be best described as slightly sour and minty.

Gambit By Five Pawns
Five Pawns has a unique e-juice flavor, and it’s called Gambit, and it contains high-quality ingredients. It may be a little high in price, but it is one of the most popular flavors that the company has. Those who are looking for a flavor that is rich, sweet and satisfying, as well as unique, should give Gambit a try.

thumbnail.aspSeduce’s Juice Snake Oil
Seduce Juice has a flavor called Snake Oil. The flavor is rich, and complex, and as you inhale the juice, you might get a slight taste of pear, and when you exhale, you will likely have a hint of creamy coconut. You might even get a taste of other flavors, but regardless of what you think it tastes like, you will likely love Snake Oil by Seduce Juice.

Creme Brule
Creme Brule is another unique e-juice that you may be interested in trying, especially if you enjoy rich and creamy flavors. Not only does Creme Brule offers you that, but it also provides you with a hint of burnt sugar and even a little bit of banana.

All of the four flavors above are unique in their own way, and they are suitable for anybody who uses e-cigs and are a fan of unique flavors or for those who are just trying to find unique flavors to try. Whether you are just starting your journey of smoking e-cigs, or an experienced user, you will love the e-juices discussed above. You can get your hands on these flavors at various retail stores that sell e-cigs and e-juices, or you can go online and purchase them.